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Land Acquisition Services

Proposed Properties Land Acquisition Services provides analytical based lot assessment services for land sellers, builders and investors.  

Whether you are looking to buy or sell land, we can help you make informed decisions based on a consistent analytical approach.

Similar to consumer credit scoring, Lot Quality EKG ScoreSM combines factors of market data with land attributes to provide a unique tool to assess lots. Our model is based on a 1000 point scale, with 0 = poor to 1000 = excellent based on factors based on price, attributes and marketability.

Lot Quality EKG Scoring makes buying and selling land simpler for everyone.

Land Sellers

Land is hard to differentiate especially in markets with significant lots. For example, Florida has over 1.2M lots, which is more than Texas!. Knowing how your property stacks up against comparable properties will give you an edge in how to present your land.


With EKG Scoring, we look well beyond just lot prices and assess qualities that make a lot more attractive to build a home. For example, builders want to know factors such as elevation or lot density.


Our model takes into account the prior sales statistics relative to current pricing and duration of transactions in a market. For example, is a 15% annual return better than a 10% return in a month? You get the picture!

Know where your lot scores.

If you have a parcel and are interested in knowing how your lot compares, we can help. Proposed Properties typically charges a fee of $99 to assess individual lots, however, if you are interested in selling and your price is within market averages, this fee can be waived.

If you decide to register your lot and would like to have your lot(s) scored, please click the button below and provide location details with pricing requirements. Otherwise, contact us at [email protected] to secure ordering for analytics.

If you purchase land for investment, and want to know more about the Lot Quality EKG Score program, please call us at 312-500-9900 or email [email protected]

  • Disclaimer:  
    • Lot Quality EKG Scores are based on the professional opinions on vailable information and our patent-pending lot scoring method. This score is for informational purposes and is not a guarantee of any implied financial returns.  Proposed Properties does not warrant against exogenous factors or changing market conditions.  Buyers will need to conduct their own due diligence in making any financial decision.  
    • Lot sellers and buyers are highly recommended to conduct their own due diligence.

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