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How We Work with You - Our Realtor® Partners

We know the real estate market, and we understand that the real estate agent is the trusted advisor for your clients. That means when  buyers or sellers have questions, you need a resource that has answers. That’s where Proposed Properties come in. We act as a guide for your clients by walking them through the construction process. We answer their questions and share proper expectations, all while keeping the agent at the center of the transaction. This sets you apart as an agent and makes selling new construction homes much less intimidating, while providing an exceptional service to your clients.

Build Your Business as a New Construction and Renovation Specialist

1. Create a unique value proposition to win listings and differentiate yourself

2. Reduce on-market times by offering multiple products online and on the MLS* to increase your closings

3. Leverage proposed new construction to double your lot listing and teardown inventory

4. Become a trained New Construction Specialist (NCS), and be connected with homebuyers looking for builders and lots

5. Boost your commissions on closed transactions and get paid up-front

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Do You have a Seller with a Lot or Teardown Property?

Selling a vacant lot or teardown property can be difficult. Now more than ever, buyers need to “visualize” what a home will look like on a property before taking the next steps in building it. This is where we come in. With over 20,000 plans in the inventory and thousands of builders across the country, we provide virtual land stagingTM for the perfect new construction offering for your vacant lot and teardown listing. A complete new construction package includes pictures, floor plans  and costs, allowing you to add an additional offering to your local MLS and double the marketing exposure of your seller’s property. This doubles your chance of selling, making it a win for your sellers, and a win for you!

Are You Working with a Buyer Interested in New Construction?

Almost ½ of all home buyers consider new construction. This represents the largest group of buyers in the real estate industry. Here at Proposed Properties, we know that there are several components to properly servicing a new construction buyer.  We assure every question is asked and every consideration is made, to provide a superior building experience. Our services include: 

  1. A “Home Buyer Needs Analysis – To identify what features are important in a client’s new home. This ensures the home will be customized to meet their needs and lifestyle.
  2. Choice – Every builder has their own style  and works with their clients differently. Every client should have a choice of builders. Who builds the home should not be determined by who happens to own the land. Providing builder choice to a home buyer is a tremendous benefit, and it puts your client in control.
  3. Transparency – Did you know some builders charge differently for the same home based on how affluent the neighborhood is and where the home is being built? We bring transparency to the building process and ensure buyers are being treated fairly. This includes making sure that your home buying clients are considering the price, and how it relates to things like specifications, finishes and allowances.
  4. Ease – Building a home is actually not a difficult thing to do….if you have all the pieces put together.  We have the plug-in solution that makes home building easy, so your clients can concentrate on the fun things; like picking that chic backsplash tile and the perfect wall color.
  5. No Cost to you or your client—We’ve built the solution without financially charging your clients.  You can differentiate this service as a winning feature in your listing pursuits.

How Proposed Works with Buyers

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